Ebook, shmeebook

It’s kind of scary to participate in the ebook debate,  mostly because I’d like to minimize the amount that my 35 or 45 year old self looks back at my 25 year old self and goes, “What were you THINKING?” I’m sure it’s going to happen enough about clothes and the amount of booze I consume; I don’t need to feel embarrassed by my professional aspirations as well. 
But I still like reading articles about these things, even if it’s just so I have something to chitchat about with publishers. And I really like reading articles that flatter my current endeavor. 
So thank you, WSJ. On Amazon and Google digital intitiatives: “As a result, 2009 may well prove to be the most significant year in the evolution of the book since Gutenberg hammered out his original Bible.”
Hyperbolic much? Discovery is really key – looking something up online and finding out there’s a book that tells you what you need to know is rad.  Having the ability to buy a paper copy of it is, too – or digital version, as I have previously noted.
Also, I meant to post this yesterday, but I forgot – and now the NYT beat me to it. 
Finally: have Maureen Dowd’s “technology is scary and will lead to the downfall of humanity” columns been driving anyone else crazy?

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