Gaygaygay Yay

SF Pride was great! We slept in but the parade was ridiculously long, so we got to walk its length and see all the festivities. The best: the gay cops! I teared up a little bit, I really did. The other best part: it wasn’t nearly as bawdy as the Folsom Street Fair – lots of naked old men (of course), but very few public sex acts. So that was a win.
And the Googlers/Gayglers turned out in force. The caption on a photo from SFist: “Favorite shot of the day: Google contingent. They’re sexy AND smart.” I don’t know about the latter, but I really was proud. We got tshirts with the Maps icon (the place marker) that said “We are here.” Again, I got a little teary.
Observe (not my photo):
And I’ll upload my photos later. The only downside to the day: I wore Google temporary tattoos on each arm, and got sunburned. Now that I have removed the tattoos, I have Google-shaped pale patches. How unfortunate is that?

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