Check check and check


  • large gathering at a dive bar: check
  • playing of Trivial Pursuit and Fingers at aforementioned dive bar: check
  • smashing of pinata: check
  • middle-of-the-night Safeway run: check
  • waking up on Saturday with a hangover and bits of chocolate melted in my hair: check
  • Ferry Building farmer’s market: check
  • purchase of overpriced yet delectable fruits, vegetables, beans and prepared foods: check
  • wine country visit and attendant imbibing of delicious wines: check
  • visit to microbrewery: check
  • dinner at friend’s fancy hotel restaurant, slurping of raw oysters and mojitos: check
  • getting dinner on the house: check
  • Divisadero farmer’s market: check
  • strawberry and Nutella crepe at Beanbag: check
  • sunning in Dolores Park: check
  • bookstore browsing and purchase of new Dave Eggers book: check
  • dinner at Indian pizza place: check
  • cuddling on the couch while watching The West Wing: check
Participation in anything non-gluttony or -sloth-oriented this weekend: no check.

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