Mike is gone, and I am blue. After dropping him off at the airport last night, I stopped at McDonald’s and got a McFlurry, because gnarly chemical-filled junk food seems like it is the right response to impending loneliness. I got it not because I was so sad, but because I anticipated being sad. After half a McFlurry I started to feel sick, and my premonition came true. It was a real low point.

And now I have all this TIME! We spent the weekend running errands and seeing people before Mike headed off, and now I am in a weird state in between the craziness of getting him ready and the craziness I intend to indulge in while he is gone. I have a feeling that tonight I will go home, do a yoga routine from YouTube, watch some Hulu, and nurture the introverterted part of me that has been locked in my creepy Austrian basement dungeon for many years.
Or I might just beg people to hang out with me.

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