99 bottles of beer…

I brewed nine batches of beer in 2010. That’s 45 gallons of beer, or 480 bottles. Damn. Here’s the roll call:

  1. West Coast Amber
  2. Nipples of Venus IPA
  3. ESB
  4. Lawnmower Ale
  5. English Pale Ale
  6. West Coast Red Ale
  7. American Hefeweizen
  8. Mild Pale Ale
  9. West Coast Porter
I plan to top that in 2011, and have kicked it off with a West Coast Pale Ale, which is a few weeks away from being ready – it’ll be kegged and cold for Super Bowl Sunday. Today I brewed a German Altbier, which I’ll bottle and use for a dinner party in February. The question is, what should I do next?

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