BrewTruc birthday party

I am a beer nerd, and so for my birthday this year we rented San Francisco’s own BrewTruc. The Truc is a retrofitted schoolbus, now painted a sleek black, with bench seating for 20+ and – best of all – a lovely copper bar with 6 nanobrews on tap. Our 3 hour rental included a route of our choosing, which meant a stop at Off the Grid for eats and then a stop by the water. 

I made some basic decorations for the interior of the bus, namely a few streamers, all pink simply because that was the only craft paper I could find at the grocery store. I’m just not ready to check out the craft shops yet, folks – I’m not that kind of gal. I also brought a big piece of white paper and some markers so everyone could chart out how they knew each other – it was fun to see the different connections.

The ride itself was a blast, and the beers were delicious. Next time I’d supply the food so we wouldn’t spend so much time waiting for everyone to get back on the bus, but people loved checking out Off the Grid. I’d also plan the route a bit better – after a ton of beers and a lot of sliding around in the bus, everyone winds up needing to PEE. In all, though, two thumb’s up!

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