Trust fund

My old boss has a Robert Downey Jr/Robert Duvall movie filming at his house in Massachusetts right now. Both the company blog post and the Boston Globe article on the situation are precious. His house, from what I remember, is lovely. The Godine office, on the other hand, was always a chaotic jumble of books and manuscripts, old computers that should have been obsolescensed a decade ago, and David’s typewriter in pride of place on his desk. We were usually behind on rent, and it always felt like the end was nigh, but someone he always found the money to pay the printer, the authors, the landlord. From my understanding, it was usually family money that came through. When I see him, David always asks if Google is ready to buy his company yet. Not yet, I say. Oh well, he says, at least you can buy me lunch.
From the Globe:

Someone sticks their head in and informs the couple that Robert Downey Jr. has picked a Godine Publishing coffee mug to use in a scene, over 18 other mugs. “That’ll be great publicity!” Sara says. 

We’re still sitting on the porch when Robert Downey Jr. walks up from the yard. “Hi,” he waves. He talks with us for a few minutes, mentioning his two boys, a teenager and a toddler. I ask if he’s having fun with the film. “I don’t have a trust fund,” he says. “I gotta work for a living.” I think, I hope, that he is kidding. 

David mentions that he in fact does have a trust fund. “We should talk,” Downey says with a grin.

He goes off, and David notices a guy carrying trays headed for their driveway. “Here comes the food,” he says.

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