I have a compulsion to buy things that share my name. Thus far the list has been short and has included a nice yellow cardigan from Kate Spade, St George’s gin, and fancy grenadine. This week, though, things have gotten complicated. 

First I went down an internets link rabbithole and wound up discovering this Jenny Packham wedding dress (I swear, I SWEAR I was not looking at wedding dresses intentionally).


It mostly likely costs a million dollars so Teppi and I decided we will share it, perhaps after a crowdfunding campaign to aid in the purchase. I will wear it first since I am taller, even though I am very likely to spill something all over it. Then when we are done we will stage a public catfight where we will dramatically tear the dress in two while tugging on it. 

Today, however, I have hit my Genevieve limit. This travesty of ugly pajamas came into my Gmail inbox, and I call shenanigans.


STOP NAMING YOUR CRAPPY PRODUCTS AFTER ME! I will feel the need to buy them! And then I will hate how the fake lace makes my butt look, and I will flap my arms around to show off the wings of my “tunic”.

Or, at least, stick to booze and inoffensive layering items. 

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