Is it Friday yet?

Indian Summer is here in the Bay, and that means the weekends are cuh-razy. This coming weekend features Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (Father John Misty on Friday!), Mollie Katzen at Omnivore Books, a makers fair at Fort Mason, the SFSPCA’s 145th anniversary, numerous friends’ parties, and a visit from Mike’s family that (mostly) opts us out of all other activities. His brother and father are flying in for the 49ers v Texans game on Sunday, and I’m making it my personal mission to keep them from getting stabbed, punched, shot, or pushed off a walkway, since those are things that happen in SF ballparks these days. Whoopee.

But really, it’ll be fun. 

In other news, this hobbit house in England seems like a death trap (“Mr Dale, who has no experience in carpentry or architecture, created his sustainable family home…”), but it sure is pretty. Hobbit holes for all!

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