3 cities, 6 days

This East Coast trip officially qualifies as whirlwind. I flew into Boston late last night, hopped the train to NY directly after work today, will be spending less than 48 hours in NY and then on to Philly. 

As a result, I had a comically archetypal anxiety dream last night. I was rushing to pack a suitcase that required unpacking and repacking, had trouble finding my hotel, woke up in my hotel to realize I was late for a meeting, videoconferenced into the meeting and then forgot the camera was on and got dressed in front of it (way to go, brain, that’s a new one!), had unexpected visitors, accidentally stood a friend up for dinner (“Genevieve, I’m at the restaurant, where are you?”), etc etc. 

There is a reason I grit my teeth in my sleep.

But even though I’m not getting nearly enough time in any of my destination cities, I’m looking forward to having dinner with a very old (preggo!) friend in New York, catching up with some ladies over cocktails, seeing my brother’s digs outside of Philly, and going to a wedding between a couple that have a bunny named Hareriet Tubman. 

I may not get much downtime, but I suspect it will be worth it. And hey, look what I saw from the Acela today! A mind boggling New England fall sunset. 


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