Armoire makeover

Our apartment has only one closet, a small one in the bedroom; gotta love Victorians. Coming from a previous apartment with two walkins, it was a challenge to figure out where the hell to put stuff like coats, extra blankets, and the vaccuum cleaner. Behold: the armoire. I bought a cheapie one off Craigslist for under $100, and since then it has sat in our living room, a slightly unsightly but functional lump. Until this weekend.

Ma Brennan, in her infinite wisdom, suggested we repaint it. That sounds difficult, I said. Not at all, she said (she was partially right). Well ok then, I said.

So we scrubbed the sucker down with some sandpaper, primed it, and coated it with white high-gloss paint to match the living room molding. It took three days (lots of time watching paint dry, har har) and it looks beautiful. It’ll look even better when I have hardware on it, but that’s for another day. I’m going to go eat more stuffing now.

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