Belated giving of thanks

Thanksgiving is a funny holiday when you live far your family. On the one hand it’s just another excuse to party with friends; we cook, and drink, and play football, and eat, and then cuddle. On the other hand, it demands some self reflection. Sure, it’s 70 degrees and sunny on Thanksgiving Day, and sure, a group of friends has invited you to going camping this weekend, but don’t you feel just a touch guilty that you’re on the opposite coast from the people who raised you? Just a touch?

Of course. But boy ain’t we got fun. Aside from a day of crazy good food and cracking up like maniacs, Thanksgiving weekend included long walks around the neighborhood, a camping party at Kirby Cove, and three days of eating leftover stuffing. Aside from Mike spiking a fever, it was full of win.

So the heart tug of war continues.

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