Read this blog (no, not this one, another one)

I realize getting people who are not currently engaged to read a wedding blog is a tough sell, but A Practical Wedding is just so stellar that I have to push it on you. I wait until I get home at night to read it, because the comments are so insightful that it takes a while to get through each post and its feedback. They’re defying the first law of the internets: don’t read the comments!

As an example, this is from today’s post on combining finances with a spouse:

I will always want to spend more money, even if I don’t have it. Someone needs to wear all of the sailor shirts, you know? But I’ve set this account so that I don’t have overdraft protection and those horrible $30 surcharges for overdraws, which means that if I don’t have the money, then the card doesn’t work until the next paycheck. This means I have the opportunity to practice prioritizing wants instead of wants and rent. If I get the sailor shirts, I don’t get the Dar Williams tickets. Many of you might have figured this out two decades ago, but it was damn near revolutionary to me.

This financial system means that we’re able to deal with money rationally, not emotionally. No one is resentful of anyone’s new Leopard book because we both have our own money. And our HH Flex account means that when we go out to dinner, we’re fairly splitting the cost and we’re also not choosing dinner instead of rent. There isn’t a ton of money in the HH Flex account, and dinners out are infrequent these days, because we’re trying to save a lot of bucks for potential gay babies, who are both theoretical and expensive.”

Someone needs to wear all the sailor shirts, you know? But seriously, if you’re looking for well-thought-out and practical content on all kinds of feministy issues, I recommend APW. And make sure to read the comments.

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