Grey day

I am just in a terrible mood this morning. TERRIBLE. It doesn’t happen that often. Sure, over the weekend I drank wine while watching Fruitvale Station and was sad and frustrated and couldn’t stop thinking about how unfair the world is, but that wasn’t a mood. This, where I am right now, is a MOOD.

Don’t think I don’t have my reasons. They include, but are not limited to:

  • It’s a gross, grey, drizzly day. I know we need the rain, but that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it.
  • I am wearing a pencil skirt that is technically “my size” but is actually way too tight. When did that happen?
  • Paul Ryan’s proposed budget is depressing beyond words. I mean, holy shit. I don’t even know. Let’s not close a corporate tax loophole here or there, right? Better to nickel and dime people who barely have nickels and dimes.
  • Someone who I thought was smart posted another anti-tech-tirade article on Facebook, and I stupidly read the comments. Brogrammer culture, guys. It’s a HUGE problem, did you hear? Because a small percentage of the people who work in tech are young straight white dudes with too much money who are also jerks (and definitely don’t exist in many other professions as well). Forget that there are also women in tech, and people of color, and queer people, and older folks, and even some nice young straight white dudes (unicorns!).  Ha, I know no one believes me on that one. We women in tech are invisible, even to the San Francisco culture crusaders. There are really big, thorny problems around housing policy and income inequality and the tech industry’s power to work through but let’s just bitch about the bros, culture-war style. 

Whew, really got myself going there. Anyway, I could keep adding to this list, but no one needs that, right? Better that I listen to some Youth Lagoon or try to bliss out to the sound of the rain.

Ha! Like that’s going to happen.

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