Oh man, guys. Where have I been? I don’t even know. I was in New York, then I was in Texas. Our house got robbed, then our car got broken into. Oof. There were some wedding-related tasks, some work-related tasks, some fun-related tasks. Actually, lots of that last one.

Do you ever look around your house and go, How did everything get dusty and in the wrong place? When did that laundry pile get so big, and when did that plant die? And then you go, Oh, right, I’ve been busy. You put a few things away, you wash some dishes, you feel a little more on track. You wonder how people keep their lives in order, how they attend to the grownup stuff while also still being dreamy wine-drinking lovers of friends and family. You feel a ping of anxiety, then a wave of relief. Stuff can get messy, and it can get cleaned up again.

I’ve been on that little seesaw lately; travel always does that. And it feels like while I’m looking carefully at one part of life, another is crumbling down behind my back. My grasp on order is tenuous, but it’s there, and my to-do list can wait another day. Right?

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