On flowers and bachelors

Mike is on Day 2 of his grand Bachelor Party Adventure, which involves loading up a car with dudes and camping equipment and heading off to Las Vegas. (In response, last night I bought a lot of shellfish and white wine and had myself a nice little evening at home, my kind of quiet debauchery.) They spent the night at our friends’ farm just outside Yosemite, and this morning Mike filled me in on some exciting news: Katie and Larry will be growing our wedding flowers! They offered when we were visiting last month, but given that their livelihood is growing edible things to sell, I really didn’t want them to spend their time and money on flowers for us. According to Mike, what they’ve done is trade kale for the flower starts, kale that we helped plant back in April, a weekend in which we put about 3500 plants in the ground. Even though I still feel a little sheepish at their generosity, at least we have some kind of sweat equity in the deal. And Mike was able to help pick and bunch the kale this morning, along with his bachelor companions.

And oh! The wedding flowers we planted in our backyard are coming in – beautiful little white and pink calas. They’re like elegant earthbound seashells. I love them. Our friends in Bernal are seeing a beautiful crop too – dahlias everywhere! We are some lucky ducks.image

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