It’s an old article, but I just came across this Vanity Fair piece on fracking in Pennsylvania, with a particular focus on my parents’ town of Damascus. I was honestly pretty sure that Damascus only had about 20 people, which means 1/20th of the town has “Ted Nugent for President” signs in their yard and very scary dogs who pull at their heavy chains as you walk by. (Maybe that’s cancelled out by my parents’ 1/10th, then, represented by solar panels and beehives?)

But! Damascus also has its progressive contingent, as the article lays out. A lot has changed since it was written 2010, including Damascus Citizens for Sustainability’s success in getting the gas companies to back off from the area, helped largely by the decreasing price of gas and oil.

Anyway, the area in question is really purty, and obviously should not be turned into a methane-scented cesspool. The End.

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