Wellesley Underground’s #April2015 #YAOTM is Vanessa Reid ’05! (@vanessajreid)


Thanks to Genevieve Brennan ‘05 (@genbren) for this submission!


Vanessa is a brilliant, caring, hard-charging lawyer who is set on making theworld a better place. She’s also massive amounts of fun. She left
corporate law to clerk for Judge Dolly Gee, an Obama-appointed
federal district court judge, and immediately began work on a huge
ruling in the communications industry.

Vanessa walks to work every day (in LA! ), reads all the
things, plays guitar and sings, makes other readers of Wendy Wears It
wonder why they don’t own red patent spike heels, mothers a sweet cat
named Gemma, and maintains a massive circle of friends who delight in
her presence.

In what free time she has, Vanessa volunteers
with the Essie Justice Project (http://www.essiejusticegroup.org/),
an organization run by and for women with incarcerated loved ones. So
she’s basically working to fix the criminal justice system from all
angles. She’d like to revamp it entirely, but, for a young alum
(which we ‘05ers still are, right? RIGHT?), she’s already enacting
change, and doing it in style.

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