Future Glory

I like a nice bag. There, I said it. I covet the pricey ones, but I’ve never been able to bring myself to get real spendy, to go for an “investment” bag. My eye is drawn to the ones that are $1500+, and that is just ludicrous.

But! I happened upon some bags in a shop near our house (Onyx Boutique – Mike and I have, ahem, spent enough time there that we’ve become friendly with the owner) made by Future Glory Co. They’re SF-based, owned and operated by women, and they support organizations that help women who have been victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. Be still, my heart.

Oh, AND their bags are gorgeous. A few months ago I snagged this clutch during a sale at Onyx:


And one day this bag shall be mine:


And dudes. DUDES. They make tiny baby shoes out of Pendleton blankets. Ridiculous? Yes. Adorable? ABSOLUTELY.


So ok, not cheap. But also not “investment bags” in the way that multinational LVMH-esque corporations mean it. Instead (and, caveat, I have done absolutely no research to back this up), an investment in a female-powered business that values craftsmanship and supporting some fantastic causes. If I’m going to be materialistic sometimes, that’s the way I want to do it.

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