It is possible, it turns out, to feel homesick for the exact place you are. Knowing that I only have about 5 months left in San Francisco, pretty much every day I wonder what the hell we’re doing leaving. I’m thinking about canceling my subscription to Sunset magazine because lines about prepping the garden for next spring give me such heart pangs, and I masochistically watch videos like the below even though I know it’ll just make me feel highly weird.

The Times did a pretty good job with this list of places to go in San Francisco – included on their list are a few of my favorites, including Nopalito, Zeitgeist, the Royal Cuckoo, and Mission Bowling Club.

In a very San Francisco moment, I watched the video feeling like I knew one of the women interviewed, though I couldn’t place her. Turns out that she owns not only the bowling club, but also my neighborhood standby Mini Bar. It’s really a pretty small town, this place.

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