David Lebovitz wrote an article about Aub Zam Zam, where I have spent some boozy nights. Huh. When I think of David Lebovitz I think of Paris and ice cream, not the Upper Haight and martinis, but it’s a great article.

I never visited Zam Zam when its original owner Bruno was alive (I was about 5 years too late), but I do remember hearing stories about his dictatorial management style, as well as his martinis. 

The first time I went to Zam Zam was in 2006, when Mike and I were newly dating and he did a photoshoot there for his band Plum. The girls in the band convinced him to wear eyeliner, which I thought looked great. He did not agree. They wore busty corsets, and i think I probably sat my skinny self at the bar and drank cheap beer. 

More recently, after a tipsy night out with a friend, I got talked into drinking a beer while doing a handstand against the bar wall by a group of regulars. The bar has obviously changed quite a bit since when Lebovitz spent time there – it doesn’t sound like Bruno would have permitted those kinds of shenanigans.

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