Point Reyes shipwreck


Leslie and I recently visited Point Reyes, and I took many many photos, because it is a magical misty windswept wonderland. I’ll post more later from the point itself (as in the lighthouse, and the avenue of the cypresses, which I’ve wanted to visit for ages), but first I need to share some shipwreck porn. Which sounds so, so wrong.


You see, on the way into the Point Reyes National Seashore, as we drove along the curve of Tomales Bay into the town of Inverness, a lopsided, weatherbeaten boat appeared, hugged up companionably on a sand dune. I pulled us into a convenience store parking lot so that we could squick squick our way through the mud out back, stepping over streams and beds of succulents to the wreck. It turns out the ship is a bit of a legend, and for good reason – it’s stunning.




But, of course, because we humans can’t have nice things, just a few days after we visited someone set the ship on fire trying to create a dramatic photograph. That’s why you don’t play with matches, kids. I have to admit I got a catch in my throat when I read the news – because we just barely caught it before it was destroyed (well, re-destroyed), because I’m so glad I got to admire its eerie beauty before it became even ghostlier, and because I’m also a part of this culture that prizes the taking of an image over respecting the integrity of a place.         DSC07193


I’m very sorry to see it go.


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