Adventures in Cooking Through the Pantry: Crepes


This is the fifth in a series: previous installments are Faux Chocolate Lava Cake, Almond CakeWinter Veggie Tacos with Homemade Tortillas, and Vegetarian Spring Rolls and Cauliflower Roast

Y’all, I have so much flour. I don’t even know how I acquired so much flour. White flour, wheat flour, self-rising flour, gluten-free flour, teff (!!!) flour, even mesquite flour. But mostly it’s bags and bags of good old all-purpose flour. And do you know what delicious things, what light-and-lacy-but-filling things, what creamy-with-crispy-edges things you can make with all-purpose flour? Crepes, my friends. Motherfuggin’ CREPES. They are easy, they are delicious, they can be eaten sweet or savory, for breakfast lunch or dinner. Give yourself the gift of crepes.


My favorite recipe is from The Moosewood Bible. It’s super simple: an egg, 1 1/4 cup milk, a cup of flour, a bit of salt. I’ll sometimes add some vanilla or sugar if I know we’re making sweet crepes, like I did on a recent weekend morning. If you have a food processor or blender, it’s basically a 2-minute process: crack, pour, and sprinkle the ingredients in, then whir or whisk it all together.


A few drops of oil in a pan, some swishing wrist action as you spoon the batter in, a little bit of patience while one side turns golden to your liking, a quick flip, a bit more patience, and then you get to watch the frilly steaming stack of crepes pile up.


My favorite toppings are fresh strawberries with my parents’ maple syrup (the best maple syrup, though I may be biased) and Greek yogurt. Tangy, sweet and fresh: just like me. (Sorry.)


Mike leans more toward Nutella and strawberries, which I also respect mightily.


Get some crepes in yo face. The end.

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