We haz a home! We haz two homes!

After 2+ months in (slightly uncomfortable but admittedly shmancy) temporary housing, Mike and I are now Brooklyn residents, settled into our own little box in the sky. Welcome to high-rise living!

IMG_20160628_214429 (1)

The apartment itself is a work in progress, of course. But hoo boy does it feel nice to sit on our couch, sleep in our bed, and made nosh plates on our own damn Heath ceramics.


And this is the view from our gym. No complaints here.

IMG_20160630_130607 copy

In addition to finally having a space to call our own after 4 months of being a bit up in the air, we’re also settling in at my parents’ property, The Hill, which is a short road trip away. We hope to get up there regularly, both to help them out around the house and the garden, and to relax. Below are a few snaps from this past holiday weekend, as well as a nice little video the Google kindly put together for us.







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