Wedding sanity

I came across a post on a wedding blog by a person I know! How bout that! And it’s pretty dang good too, in a nicely hippie dippy way. Given my anxiety over losing myself to wedding planning, it was nice to see a sane person write about their sane wedding. Normal people have blog-worthy weddings too, guys, not just rich people whose parents pay for ice sculptures and shit!

Our love does not exist in a vacuum. We are not castaways on Couple Island. We exist in the context of family and culture and our amazing community of friends and chosen family…Our love thrives because of people who have shaped us individually and as a couple, helped us along the way, and guided us toward the magic life we have made together.”

Holy crap, you mean it doesn’t have to be all about Mike and I? No! Not possible! Pinterest does not agree! OUR INITIALS ON EVERYTHING.

Walking down the aisle, my thought was, “Holy cow! Look at all these people I know!” It was magic and amazing to see all of the sweetness and love from so many people I love and respect in return. They were so present for us. And that feeling of so many people we love being present is still palpable to me.”

This here is a large part of the reason we’re getting married. We’ve had loved ones pass away lately, we’ve had others who are sick, and 90% of the people we care about live elsewhere. This wedding is going to mean bringing lots of them to one place. With no ice sculptures.

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