Do you read The Yellow House? I’ve written about it before, I think. It’s updated less than other food blogs I read, but I find it uniquely soothing. I liked this entry:

“People are wrong when they talk about how you need to be brave to get out of your comfort zone, travel, and see things. The travel and perspective–the escapism, really–are a privilege. The real courage is needed at home, where the ordinary things don’t change unless you work to make them so, where you face old demons and new challenges, and where you can’t just get on a plane to the next destination.”

I also saw a HuffPo article the other day – I know, I know – that turned around the traditional “What do I want to do with my life” question into, “What do I want to struggle for?” What’s worth the work, what makes you want to gin up your courage and fight the battles of frustration, boredom, or despair? 

Timely for me, because my answer just cannot be planning a wedding. No siree. So this weekend’s task will be to think on that, and defrag my brainspace.

I’m also going to put some pretty brass legs on a desk. More on that later.

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