Post-wedding life

So we’re back to real life, the one where we’re not surrounded by family and friends every waking moment, where we don’t hop from fun thing to fun thing like kids at a carnival, where I don’t wake up at 4 every morning with a racing heart and another list of things to do. Post-wedding life is quieter, less busy, but joyful in its own way. I’m having a hard time figuring out how to sum it all up in one big thing, so I think I’m going to take some time to write down the important, fun, and nutty moments as they come to me.

Helene came over for dinner last night, and we talked about what an epic dance party we had, so that’s where I’ll start. Pretty much as soon as the reception dinner was done and the music got turned up, the dance floor was full, and it stayed that way until 1 a.m. That’s, what, 4 hours of sweaty, shouty, floorboard-shaking dancing? It was amazing. I wasn’t on the floor for all of it, but I got my butt out there for at least the last few hours, and got as sweaty and insane as everyone else.

This photo is from Binky, who kicked ass at documenting the dance floor, especially “Like a Prayer”, which I think terrified the non-Wellesleys in attendance. Then again, my cousin and his wife and I fully screamed all of “Since You’ve Been Gone” at each other while jumping up and down, Ted got crazy during “Pussy Control”, and Big Dan announced a midnight shimmy-off that got hella intense, so I think the non-Wellesleys held their own like champs.

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