I haven’t been cooking a ton from 101 Cookbooks of late (does anyone else find that their favorite sources ebb and flow over time?), but I checked in today and really enjoyed this post on maintaining a blog over time. I’m not doing any more here than just musing as the whim takes me, and I imagine it would be a very different situation if it were my business, but I appreciate that she comes at blogging from the perspective of a practice, rather than a slog. Committing to doing something regularly doesn’t have to feel like a sentence, especially if it disciplines you to keep finding new angles on the activity. 

Which is an appropriate theme for the act of making food, right? It’s something we do over and over, and have to do in order to take care of ourselves and the people around us, at least some of the time. Breakfast after lunch after dinner, day after day after day. But it’s an opportunity for delight, for surprise, for nourishment. 

If it’s necessary, we might as well enjoy the process.

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