Soooooometimes I get really behind in writing down what I’ve been up to and thinking and eating and drinking and doing, and then I’m like, what’s the point in laboriously documenting it all? And sooooometimes I am bad at life (like, um, mild-car-accident bad) and don’t feel like I need to record it for posterity. And sooooometimes I am moving so quickly from thing to thing that I can barely keep up, let alone write it all down. (As in: hi from LA, where I am prepping for big crazy party/concert/work event that will involve me stuffing myself into a tight dress and trying to look composed!)

And then, sooooooometimes, no, inevitably, I remember that I like keeping a record of the way that I’m tumbling through time, and that there are even a few friends and family who enjoy reading that record. So here I am again.

With good news! I have two photos that are going to be displayed in a show on Friday February 13, in association with Tiny Atlas Quarterly, a magazine that also happens to be my favorite Instagram account to follow – it’s a reminder that there’s a big, beautiful world out there. They had over 12,000 submissions, and winnowed them down to 200 for the show. So my wee little photos will be two among hundreds, but I’m still excited, and I’ll be at the event, grinning in the corner, eyes darting around to see if anyone buys my prints (proceeds go to support the magazine). Holy impostor syndrome, Batman. But: exciting!

Maybe I’ll see you there.


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