Ain’t no party like a houseboat party…


…Because a houseboat party ends at a reasonable time when everyone is sleepy from the sun and the wine and the gentle rocking of the waves. Woot woot! Here are some shots from the shindig for which I baked the almond cake I posted yesterday. You can see more photos of our friend’s houseboat on my tour from a few weeks ago here.


I feel like I still go to a decent number of parties – we’re childless and live in a densely-populated urban area with other people in similar circumstances – but not the way we used to. Before I would go for an adventure, to see how someone else lived, to meet new people, and to get ripped. Now I’m more likely to bring the makings of a fancy cocktail (to share, I’m not a monster) and talk to the people I already know. I’m not at #nonewfriends stage, but I’m not far from it, either.


But this day reminded me it was nice to go to a party, chat with new folks, sip a brew, and absolutely tear into a pot o’ Dungeness crabs.  The scenery didn’t hurt either.


My parents happened to be in town, and so got to join in the festivities. I loved that two neighborhood kids came running down the dock as I was taking this photo – “Sorry sorry sorry!” they yelled as they whooshed by.

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It was just a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I got to tell a guy who works at Snapchat how impressed I am by how news publishers are using the platform (seriously, have you checked out CNN and Vox on Snapchat? It’s impressive!), Mike caught up with old coworkers, and when I started to feel a little overwhelmed by socializing I washed all the dishes, because that is what I have learned to do. (“So nice to meet your new baby, friends! I don’t trust myself to hold her or play with her, but look I brought food, and oh good, you have dishes I can do!”)


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We threw the shells from the crab boil into the water until we attracted a horde of seagulls – this guy was the advance scout. His family of 392 followed. And even that I found charming, because I was so content. I man, how could I not be?




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