Summer to-do list

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I am goal oriented. I love lists. I LOVE summer. And so, in the spirit of it already being August howthehelldidthathappen, here is my partially-completed Summer 2016 To-Do List.

  1. Check out the local farmer’s markets in our new neighborhood.
  2. Make frosé. DONE: made for a backyard party, smashing success.
  3. Jump in the ocean.
  4. Grill outside. DONE: made ribs at my parents’ house, and more grilling to come when we’re there all next week.
  5. Go kayaking. DONE: did some eagle-spotting on the Delaware!
  6. Eat a whole lobster.
  7. Check out a site outside the city like Storm King or Dia:Beacon.
  8. Buy ice cream from an ice cream truck. DONE: thank you, Mister Softee.
  9. Make fruit juice from scratch. DONE: made a massive amount of watermelon juice for cocktails – so good.
  10. Go to a new brewery.
  11. Go to a baseball game. DONE: sweated our nards off at a Yankees game.
  12. Go berry picking. DONE: my parents’ raspberry bushes count, right?
  13. Bake a galette or a crumble. DONE: rhubarb galettes <3 <3 <3
  14.  Watch an entire sunset. DONE: Manhattenhendge!
  15. See an outdoor concert. DONE: the hokiest brass band, playing all the Sousa marches for the old folks. Added bonus: brought booze.
  16. Go for an extended bike ride (bonus if it’s along a beachside bike path). DONE: my Red Hook birthday party bike ride!
  17. Read a summer beach read. DONE: read The Girls by Emma Cline, and loved it.
  18. Play hooky mid-week to enjoy a beautiful day outside.
  19. Drink a glass of rosé at an outdoor wine bar. DONE: this is basically my social life.
  20. See an outdoor movie. DONE: Taxi Driver at the Yotel in midtown.
  21.  Hang out in our community garden. DONE: had a few lovely lazy afternoons.
  22. Eat a meal completely made from seasonal vegetables. DONE: we have all the vegetables we can handle, from my parents’ garden.
  23. Build a bonfire. DONE: and gonna do it again.
  24. Go wine tasting. DONE: hit up Red Hook Winery as part of my birthday party.
  25. Go on a group hike with friends. DONE: scaled the heights of the ‘Gunks, evidence here.
  26. Pack a picnic for a park you’ve never been to. DONE: hit Prospect Park for July 4.
  27. Go to a pool party. DONE: happy birthday to MegMo!
  28. Camp outside.
  29. Attend a free NYC event.
  30. Make a summer salad.

And a few other fantastic things that won’t make any list, but were an integral part of my first New York City summer:

  1. Hosted a Golden Girls-themed birthday party at a dive bar in Greenpoint.
  2. Snuggled with pitbull puppies at a backyard party.
  3. Spend a long lazy night on a friends’ patio, eating Brazilian barbecue and slapping away mosquitoes.
  4. Enjoyed my first Domino Domingo with old friends.
  5. Went to a theme park wedding.
  6. Explore the Swiss Alps.
  7. Went to a wedding in a museum of medical oddities.
  8. Went for a run and then cooled off in Barton Creek.
  9. Ate at Shake Shack. Multiple times.
  10. Embraced the humidity like only someone who has spent a decade’s worth of chilly San Francisco summer days can.

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